What We Do:
Global Strategic Analysis, LLC, is in San Luis Obispo, California. It is a forward-thinking professional services firm offering confidential analytic support and creative services to world-wide clients who seek to foster innovative solutions for a secure and sustainable world. It provides access to boundary-spanning, unconventional thinkers with credibility; builds entrepreneurial networks through strategic partnerships; and produces foresight, resilience and enduring value.

Global Strategic Analysis, LLC is registered to do business under the following trade names:

The LEADS Institute has been established with the goal of “co-developing” cooperative learning experiences among international partners to make knowledge actionable so that our next generation of leaders is prepared to succeed in a complex world. It supports global resilience through the establishment of new partnerships, creating and networking together regional centers of excellence.
The China-California Enterprise Group fosters innovative and entrepreneurial education, research and investment partnerships between California and China in: advanced agriculture, aerospace, bio-medicine, business and enterprise management, environmental protection, executive education and entrepreneurship, information technology, marine and ocean science, new energy solutions, new materials.  We are a for-profit consulting company focused on creating value by forging partnerships.
Digital Mind Inc. is a startup company focused on developing and providing global services in areas of next generation educational Gaming and Simulation, Digital Marketing, Business, and Web Development. With a network of distinguished Consultants and Preferred Providers sourced worldwide, DIGITAL MIND seeks to be at the leading edge of innovation and international collaboration designing unique, strategic and practical solutions for our clients. Digital Mind Inc. is a wholly owned subsidary

Global Strategic Analysis LLC provides financial support to the following international and public chairities:

The Global Challenges Forum Foundation has been established as a non-profit Foundation under Swiss Civil Code. The Foundation is defined in the preliminary legal Charter as “an organization primarily oriented towards universities, educational institutions and non-profit research-oriented ‘think tank’ entities.  While primarily a research-led organization, the Foundation will encourage, through its associate Global Consortium for Integrated Learning (GCIL), inclusive membership and partnerships with Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International and Regional Organizations in the interest of fostering inclusive, networked solutions to promote integrated learning and education in addressing the emerging security challenges and shared global risks posed by globalization.”
The Burlingame Foundation is an IRS approved 501 C-3 non-profit corporation established in California as a U.S. partner organization of the Global Challenges Forum Foundation. It commemorates the life and work of 19th Century statesmen Anson Burlingame as a means of fostering a collaborative network of educational institutions between the United States, China and other nations throughout the world to inspire mutual trust, respect and collaboration in addressing the challenges of the 21st Century.