What We Do

Building Strategic Leadership in the Knowledge Age

Conduct confidential market and product analysis

Initiate confidential client relations with potential partners

Provide access to boundary-spanning, unconventional thinkers with credibility

Organize stakeholder meetings and conferences

Develop partnership frameworks including legal and human resources

Create alliances and joint ventures

How We Do it

Strategic Analysis Producing Networked Approaches
and Enduring Partnerships


Our work is to analyze the structure of the market segment for the target activity and the strategic behavior of firms and organizations in a comparative framework, which we will call a strategic group.


Our work is to combine the strategic group analysis and the identification of collaborative capacity into a networked approach optimizing the value-add chain. We facilitate and broker new partnerships looking to create new synergies.


Our work is to identify for our clients the unique cultural, psychological, and business-orientation aspects of potential partner organizations to identify collaborative capacity. In particular, we seek to illuminate hidden dependencies, and hidden interconnections. If not illuminated, in time these may become vulnerabilities.


Our work is to build enduring partnerships, establishing a new eco-system capable of strategic foresight and action. In doing so, we pay careful attention to the following:

Who We Are

Global Strategic Analysis, LLC is comprised of a team of experts and global network of organizations who are engaged in transformative education, sustainable development, holistic socio-economic growth, and public safety in the domains of energy, cyber, border and maritime security.

Mr. Walter L. Christman (CEO)

"Walter L. Christman is a pioneer in the global adoption of new cooperative ventures in education and research to enable enhanced regional and global security. He is the principal architect of seven Secretary of Defense initiatives, three of which were endorsed by a President of the United States." Know More

Our Team

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